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Coming to Life - The Journey to Identity, Passion and Purpose  

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Tackling similar issues and questions as Rick Warren in his book "The Purpose Driven Life" Rutkowski offers a biblical yet post-modern response to the question of identity, passion and purpose.

"Todd is one of the voices of our generation calling us to remember who we are; not just for our own sake, but for the sake of the generations to come! His voice is authentic and passionate, and has helped me awaken to my calling as one of the sons of the Father!"

Brian Doerksen, Songwriter, producer, recording artist and pastor

"Living from a healed heart, that is knowing that the father God loves us extravagantly, is a key to spiritual fruitfulness and fulfillment.  I highly recommend Todd Rutkowski's book."

Floyd McClung, Senior Pastor, Metro Christian Fellowship Kansas City, Author The Father Heart of God and International Director of All Nations
"Who are you?" is a profound question, and Todd Rutkowski shows us how profound it is in his Journey to Identity. This work is not a Bible study, but a profound biblical meditation in which biblical motifs are interwoven with impactful observations of human life. Because of this hermeneutical depth, it is a book that will leave every reader who is open to Rutkowski’s magic changed."

Peter H. Davids, Ph.D., Professor, Houston Baptist University

"Todd has creatively woven an inviting tapestry of stories, both personal and biblical, in order to draw us into the freedom of real community with God, ourselves and others. Writing out of his own experience, often with a disarming transparency, he effectively establishes some helpful signposts for those who dare to pursue such a journey of the heart."

Gary Best, National Director, Vineyard Churches Canada

"A Home Run! Todd, the person, truly reveals himself in this creative exposition, and in so doing, reveals each one of us. Experience the passion and the greater purpose for which this work has been created... for your identity, your passion and God's purpose for your life."

Frank Fabiano, Psychologist, Founder of Dunamis Ministries and Author of "Healing the Past, Releasing Your Future"

"Todd's commitment to the next generation and to community has not wavered. While his vision has evolved, his call to discovering identity, passion and purpose in the place of community is tried and true. I fully recommend his message and him."

David Ruis, Songwriter, worship leader, producer and church planter, Los Angeles, California

"At a time when much ecclesial strategy remains seeker focused in order to gain new adherents, Rutkowski envisions a broader proposal-the effective replicating of leadership for the next generation. Rutkowski's book offers a cogent contribution towards spiritual parenting in the church, with flair and conviction."

Dr. Paul Edward Hughes, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Trinity Western University

 "Growing up with Todd has allowed me to see him live out what he writes not just as a brother but as a witness. I've watched him struggle, grow and find his place and voice. Not only is it an honour to call him my brother it is a privilege to call him my friend."   

Dean Rutkowski (Brother), Calgary, Canada


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